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Coming home just got easier.


Revolo Lock Knows When you get home and automatically unlocks as you approach your door.

Remote access

Unlock or lock your door from anywhere in the world at the tap of a button in the Revolo app.


Revolo Lock detects when your door is closed and automatically locks.

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Door position detection

Revolo Lock will notify you if your door is left open and won't auto-lock on open door

Keep your Key

First onto your existing deadbolt so you can keep the keys you already have.

View lock history

Revolo Lock tells you when the door is open, who unlocked it, and how the door was unlocked.

Voice controlled

Revolo lock can work with alexa and Google assistant.

Leave Your Keys Behind

Auto-unlock while you arrive at the door, and auto-locking when the door is closed. The built-in sensor even allows to unlock by just knocking the door or just simply touch the touchpad. Enjoy peace -of-mind,never worrying if door is locked or forgot keys.

Checking Your Door has Never Been Easier

Revolo's lock precisely alerts you if the door is left open and won't auto-lock an open door, which allows you to have a peace of mind. Revolo App pushes notification whenever your door was physically opened or closed. No more return trips home or asking help from your neighbor to check your door.

Control Your Door Anywhere

Your phone already has the tech, why not use them as your key? With Revolo App, remotely control your lock from anywhere with smart alerts that notifies you whenever the door is being accessed.

Enter....Entering and Enter!

Revolo allows you to enter random numbers to protect you from prying eyes.

Technical Specifications

Lock Compatibility

Applicable door thickness: 35-50mm
Door hole size: 38/54mm

Unlock Methods

4in1 unlock-bluetooth Touch Keypad. Remotely via App and Key


Free Revolo app for iOS or Android smartphone.


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